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  • It's Tick Season!
    Things have warmed up in Wisconsin and we are noticing the environmental changes already in our patients!  Allergies are in full swing as well as everyone's favorite little parasites - Read more
  • Time to Drop Winter Weight!
    Spring is in the air and you know what that means!  It's time for longer walks and more playing outside.  Did your pet put on some extra winter weight?  Here Read more
  • Daisy's Emergency Surgery
    Warning: Story contains surgical images. A few weeks ago on a Friday night, Miss Daisy Blossom wasn't feeling well and came in to see Dr. Rana to make sure things were Read more
  • Winter Tips for Dog Owners
    Winter in Milwaukee has officially arrived!  As the temperature drops and snow piles up, here are some tips to keeping your dog happy and healthy when going outdoors. Limit your dogs Read more
  • Holiday Hazards
    The holidays are an exciting time of year!  As we prepare our homes for all the celebration, we need to make sure we are keeping things safe for our furry Read more
  • Litter Box Woes
    Cat's having accidents outside of the box can be very stressful for owners.  How can you tell what's causing it, and how can you help? If you have multiple cats, the Read more
  • Leash Pulling
    Have you noticed when you take your dog for a walk that you're being pulled by your pup?  Leash pulling is a common problem among dog owners.  Luckily, it can Read more
  • An Update on Starr
    Our spunky clinic kitten Starr has made his return!  Starr has spent the last 2 months living with Perry and his cat Hal.  Since Starr is still a young cat, Read more
  • Fall and Fleas
    Now that we've moved into Autumn, it's going to start getting colder outside in the Milwaukee and North Shore area.  Some owners choose to only apply their dog or cats Read more
  • Cuterebra
    During his medical exam on two kittens a family had just found, Dr. Rana found a cuterebra in one of their necks!  Cuterebra are a kind of fly that likes Read more
  • Star's Story
    Now that you've had the chance to hear about Star, you're probably wondering how he ended up as our new clinic kitty. Star was a stray before he ended up here Read more
  • Meet Our Newest Team Member!
    If you've stopped in to see us over the summer you may have met our newest team member.  His favorite things to help us with are greeting your cats and Read more
  • What should I do if my dog is not eating?
    How long has it been that your dog doesn’t want to eat? If it just started I would advise maybe to try hand feeding him and see if he takes Read more
  • I noticed a lump on my dog... is it serious?
    Before we remove any kind of lump we you would have to come to the clinic to get it checked out by the doctor. It can be anywhere from a Read more
  • My cat has a lot of hair balls. What’s normal?
                    Cat owners are all too familiar with the infamous sound of their cat hacking up a hairball. When cats go about their Read more
  • How and how often should I bathe my pet?
     In a busy life pet grooming may seem like a hassle but surprisingly it isn't! Keep grooming brief by constructing a set schedule. While watching evening television shows is the perfect Read more


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The Bayshore Vet Clinic provides a one of a kind service. They are kind, flexible and very knowledgeable. On more than one occasion they have provided last minute/emergency services at reasonable, if not discounted prices. To top if all off they saved my mother's dog's life. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you"
    Kelley J.
  • "Very friendly, thorough, PATIENT staff!! Love the "family practice" approach. FAIR prices and caregivers that are willing to help you find solutions in your budget. Perry put up with a ton of my questions and general freak out like a champ. Definitely my go-to for animal care. I recommend Dr. Singh and Dr. Rana to everyone."
    Tiffany B.
  • "Excellent experience here and will not be looking for another vet clinic. Very caring and supportive staff. Also an extremely clean smell free environment!"
    Jessica A.
  • "Love the staff! Love the care given to Shadow! He has boarded here several times and seemed to enjoy his stay!"
    RDawn S.