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Pet Exams

Pet Exam Services for Shorewood WI Animals

Taking your beloved cat or dog to the vet doesn't always mean responding to a painful problem, illness or emergency situation.  In fact, sometimes the smartest time to bring your pet to Bayshore Veterinary Clinic is when he seems to be doing just fine. Preventative wellness is a key strategy in keeping your pet healthy -- and our preventative pet exams can help.

veterinarian giving a puppy a wellness exam

The Role of Pet Exams in Preventative Wellness Care

Many pets who seem completely happy and healthy may actually be suffering from lurking, undetected issues, and ailments. Diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes may not be evident to pet owners, at least in their early stages. Treating these problems effectively usually means diagnosing them and combating them as early on as possible. Preventative wellness exams make that possible. By checking every aspect of your pet's internal and external health, we can spot any problems that require immediate attention. By addressing those problems right away, we can keep them from creating serious complications.

What to Expect from a Dog or Cat Exam

Pet exams do more than just check for existing problems. The steps in a dog or cat exam may vary according to your pet's stage of life, but they always include such vital tasks as checking vital signs, weighing your pet for signs of obesity, running lab tests to look for parasites or systemic diseases, feeling the skin for lumps or tumors, and checking the eyes and ears. Dental checkups and cleanings are typically combined with annual wellness exams. We may also perform or recommend:

  • A series of vaccinations for puppies and kittens, which then become periodic booster shots during adult exams
  • De-worming for puppies and kittens
  • Spaying or neutering of puppies and kittens, which reduces their risks for cancer and other health problems
  • Pest and parasite prevention programs for all stages of life
  • Senior pet exams that place special emphasis on checking for age-related diseases such as arthritis, dementia and organ failure

The pet exam is also an ideal opportunity to discuss everyday home care, hygiene, diet, nutrition, exercise and other pet care best practices with our team. We can educate you on such helpful strategies as brushing your pet's teeth and keeping him away from "human food." We can work together to give your pet the best possible quality of life.

Schedule a Cat or Dog Exam Today

Don't let health problems sneak up on your beloved pet. Call Bayshore Veterinary Clinic at 414-964-7009 to schedule an exam for your cat or dog. The extra attention you pay to your friend today could make a lifelong difference in his well-being!


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  • "The Bayshore Vet Clinic provides a one of a kind service. They are kind, flexible and very knowledgeable. On more than one occasion they have provided last minute/emergency services at reasonable, if not discounted prices. To top if all off they saved my mother's dog's life. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you"
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  • "Very friendly, thorough, PATIENT staff!! Love the "family practice" approach. FAIR prices and caregivers that are willing to help you find solutions in your budget. Perry put up with a ton of my questions and general freak out like a champ. Definitely my go-to for animal care. I recommend Dr. Singh and Dr. Rana to everyone."
    Tiffany B.
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    Jessica A.
  • "Love the staff! Love the care given to Shadow! He has boarded here several times and seemed to enjoy his stay!"
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