Our Clinic Cat Memorial

Chuck was our clinic cat for almost 17 years. He arrived here when he was about 1 year old. He was very brave and mischievous when he was a kitten. As he got older, Chuck enjoyed going into other cat’s carriers, licking the outside of cold soda cans and meeting new people and other friendly cats. A lot of people thought he just laid around all day, but he worked on helping animals, too!

He was the best cat to demonstrate how to do things for an owner. He also would tell us if a room needed to be cleaned. One time a patient escaped her cage, and Chuck found her hiding in the X-Ray room! We took him out to eat at different cat friendly restaurants in the Milwaukee area for his birthday. He was the standard by which all Veterinary Clinic Cats should be judged. He lived a great long life, and is missed by all who knew him.