Coco from Phoenix (Happy Ending)

My good friends live in Phoenix, and recently a strange dog wandered into their yard. They live on the side of mountain, so I am sure they were a surprised! They took her to their family vet, Moon Valley Animal Hospital, and scanned her for a microchip. There it was… a readable chip that traced “Coco” back to a city and a phone number. Just one little problem. The owner moved and changed her phone number. UGGH!

People, please be sure to update your info when you move. Usually you have advance notice that you are moving. Seriously, you have no idea how important this is. Your pets are moving with you, only they aren’t exactly aware of it until they get to the new location. The smells are different, everything is strange and the routine is in shambles. If they get lost, they get REALLY lost. Take just a bit of time.

Now luckily Coco was a sweet old girl, who loved my friends’ 2 other dogs. My friends went the old fashioned way of postering the neighborhood. I am happy to report that within 24 hours of my friends finding her, Coco was reunited with her family.

To honor my friends’ good deed, we are going to pay it forward with a special event on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. We will be hosting a reduced cost microchipping day. What this means, is that Bayshore Veterinary Clinic will provide the microchips and local anesthetic for anyone who wants their pets chipped that day. You must pay the HomeAgain registration fee (about $18), but we will mail it in for you.

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