Daisy’s Emergency Surgery

Warning: Story contains surgical images.

A few weeks ago on a Friday night, Miss Daisy Blossom wasn’t feeling well and came in to see Dr. Rana to make sure things were okay.  Daisy had been lethargic for a few days and had a rash near her rectum with some vaginal discharge.  Daisy is a sweet little Shih Tzu- 7 years old- and had not been spayed.

To get a diagnosis, Dr. Rana and his team started with an in house blood panel. The results showed that Daisy may have an infection, which led to the team taking X-Rays to see if they could get a better idea of what was going on. Using the blood work and X-Rays, Dr. Rana was able to diagnose Daisy with pyometra- an infection in her uterus. When a pet goes through a heat cycle their immune system is suppressed which makes them susceptible to infections. Pyometra is a life threatening infection which can only be cured through surgery. The surgery is just like a spay with a much higher chance for complications. Luckily for Miss Daisy, when appointments ended for the night and the clinic closed at 6:00 PM, Dr. Rana, Dr. Singh, Kaitlin, and Abbie stuck around to do the surgery and make sure Daisy would be okay.

One of Daisy’s x-rays. Circled you can see a large amount of swelling, and her bladder is not very visible.

Kaitlin preparing Daisy for surgery by shaving her abdomen.

Daisy’s uterus. It was much larger than an uninfected uterus due to being filled with pus.

Daisy post surgery! Recovering nice and snug in some warm blankets, a heating pad, and some warm water packs.

After waking up from surgery and getting her body temperature up a little bit, Daisy’s family came and picked her up and took her to see our friends at Mayfair Animal Hospital- a 24 hour hospital that could monitor Daisy all night to make sure she continued to recover safely. Daisy stayed at Mayfair all night and all day until 5:00 pm on Saturday, when she was released to continue recovering comfortably at home. It’s been 2 weeks since her surgery. Daisy came in on Wednesday for a recheck, and we are so happy to report that she is doing amazing! Here she is looking beautiful, happy, and healthy in a Bayshore blue bandana! 🙂


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