Dr. Singh’s Backstory

Anyone who knows Bayshore Veterinary clinic knows Doctor Singh. He’s the trusted veterinarian here at Bayshore! There’s no big corporations here, folks to push you around and demand you use certain medicines at specific prices. Dr. Singh personally evaluates everything before using it in the clinic to make sure the animals are getting the best out there. From the minute a patient walks in Dr. Singh goes to work on making sure the animal is comfortable and relaxed for their appointment and then works on them with steady hands. However, there isn’t always an appointment. This Monday a female bulldog was brought in with a severely inflated stomach. When Dr. Singh examined her he found out the uterine horns were severely infected. Surgery began immediately as the bulldog was in near death conditions. Dr. Singh expertly removed the five pound infected uterine horns, an organ normally the size of a finger now inflamed to the size of an average human arm. She recovered wonderfully and was soon waging her tail; without Dr. Singh she would have been dead within the week.

Dr. Singh used to live in Khanna India. His family had their beloved ox who helped plow their fields. He was their bread winner. One day the ox fell ill. Dr. Singh brought him to the best help available but after four days of agonizing and waiting the ox didn’t pull through. Dr. Singh knew from that point on he wanted to be a vet. He worked extremely hard in his education and practice and it all paid off! Dr. Singh became an excellent vet operating on and curing animals from cats and dogs all the way to camels and buffalo! One time Dr. Singh was even called in to help 18 sick lions at the circus. (The lions were first sedated and then administered the required antibiotic. )

Dr. Singh always knew he wanted to be a vet. It must be in his blood because even his eldest son is graduating from vet school this year. Advice he gives to anyone wanting to become a vet is you have to have the connection and feel comfortable with animals. Any potential vet must be driven by their love for animals and their desire to see any sick animal healthy again.

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