Fall and Fleas

Now that we’ve moved into Autumn, it’s going to start getting colder outside in the Milwaukee and North Shore area. Some owners choose to only apply their dog or cats monthly flea and tick prevention in the warm summer months. With the changing weather you may be wondering if you need to keep up with your pets prevention.

Fleas can live at a temperature as low as freezing, which makes them a threat year round. If you live in an apartment building, your pet could be at risk from other unprotected animals in the building. A flea infestation requires substantial cleaning of the home to ensure all the fleas are gone, and you never know how other people in your building could be handling the situation. If you board your pet or take them to doggy daycare, they could pick something up another animal at those places as well.

Ticks are also a threat year round, especially in northern Wisconsin and woodsy areas, as they only need temperatures to be above freezing to become active.

Prevention is almost always less costly than treatment (and more fun, poor kitties hate flea baths). If your pet were to have a flea problem, you would need to help them and help your house. It will take big bucks to rid your house of these pests. Fleas also are a leading cause of tapeworm. Ticks carry diseases that can be passed on to your pet.

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