Food Drives

So our neighbor up the street is hosting a food drive.  Ashley, also known as “Miss Cupcake”, has begun taking pet food donations to benefit hungry animals.  When our clinic did a similar food drive in December, we found the people in our community were very charitable.  (A big shout-out! to all those who donated)  Within a month, we had almost 2000 pounds of food to donate to MADACC  I think we were successful for a couple of reasons.  First, the nature of our business is very pet-centric, and so it was natural to meet fellow pet lovers; those who are most likely to donate.  Also, I was able to partner with one our food suppliers, who were able to sell us food at a deeply discounted rate.  We passed that discount along to the clients who wanted to donate, but hadn’t brought anything that day.  I put a couple bins in the lobby, and within 10 days they were full!

I had MADACC come pick up what I had and within another couple weeks the bins were full again.  I began storing the food in the back this time, because I wanted to drop the food off myself.  The day I dropped it off was a sunny winter day.  They were very happy with our donations and they let me visit with some of the animals the food would be helping.

I would like to encourage all of you who have unopened bags of dog or cat food to drop them off at her bakery.  The address is 3801 N. Oakland Ave in Shorewood, and the website is

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