Holiday Hazards

The holidays are an exciting time of year!  As we prepare our homes for all the celebration, we need to make sure we are keeping things safe for our furry family members.  Here are some tips and things to lookout for!

Christmas Trees

Low hanging ornaments can be tempting for cats, and can also get knocked down by dogs.  Avoid hanging ornaments low where they are in reach of being knocked down and broken.

String lights can be tempting for cats to chew on.  Hiding cords out of reach or covering them can help make them less of a temptation.

Tinsel and Garland can cause gastrointestinal obstructions if consumed by your pet.

Pine needles and tree water can upset your furry friends tummy.  Take caution to keep the area around your tree clean and pet friendly.

Presents and Gifts

Wrapping paper and bows can look like toys to our pets.  Keep an eye on all ribbons, bows, and wrapping paper to avoid your pet ingesting them. Last year at Bayshore Vet, we had to perform an exploratory surgery to remove wrapping paper and bows from the tummy of a poor dog who swallowed some.

Poisonous Plants and Food

Common holiday foods and plants that you should keep away from your pets include:

-Chocolate, Candy and Sweets

-Fatty Foods (Gravy)

-Onions and Garlic

-Spicy Foods

-Cooked Bones

-Alcoholic Beverages




-Christmas Cactus

-String of Pearls Plant (Senecio rowleyanus)

-Plant and Tree Fertilizer

-De-Icing Salt

SAFE Treats for your pet include pumpkin, peanut butter (without xylitol), sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans.  Using fake plants as decoration and keeping things out of reach are great ways to prevent any upset stomachs.

Other Hazards

Large gatherings of people can stress out both cats and dogs.  Cats will likely hide on their own.  For dogs, make sure to get a good amount of exercise beforehand and give them a toy to keep them distracted during the event.  Putting them in a quiet room by themselves is another way to prevent stress.

-Always monitor lit candles and fireplace fires by keeping them out of reach of pets, and on sturdy surfaces pets cannot knock over.

-Loud noises (fireworks, poppers, champagne) can easily frighten cats and dogs.  Keeping them in a familiar environment with white noise in the background (radio, TV) can help them stay calm and relaxed.  If your dog has a Thundershirt or sweater they were during storms or the 4th of July, putting this on them is also a good idea.

Snowglobes if dropped and broken must be cleaned up immediately!  Not only is the glass hazardous, but the liquid inside can contain antifreeze.

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