How Adrienne Met Her Cat Jinx

Barking and meowing filled the air while the voices of potential pet owners decided on their possible new family member. The animal shelter was chaotic to say the least. I remember the day I adopted Jinx like it was yesterday. My family decided we wanted another cat so our cat at home, Lucky, could have a little friend. Adopting a shelter animal was really important to me. The longer animals stay in the shelter the greater chance they have of being put down.

Jinx sat in the back of the animal shelter, the last of her litter to be adopted. She was all black except two little white spots on her chest and stomach and so small she fit in the palm of my hand. Walking back to one of the play rooms, she jumped out of my hand. My heart stopped as I heard gasps from behind me as Jinx sailed toward the ground. Without thinking, I lunged to catch her knowing if she hit the ground she would be hurt. I caught her, not only to my surprise but to everyone around me, just in time. I was never so relieved in my life. I knew at that moment this was the cat for me and she would be special. We adopted her that day and ever since she’s been my little buddy. I held her up and told her to never jump out of my hands again. To this day she does not enjoy being picked up and constantly jumps from my arms. She is the biggest scaredy cat I’ve ever known and she never leaves me alone for long. Whenever I get ready in the bathroom she’ll walk in and out of the room twenty times making sure I haven’t left. She does not like heights, which explains the jumping from my hand. During a thunderstorm I find her curled up in my closet. I always leave a blanket in there for her to cuddle up with to stay safe. I believe she remembered me catching her and feels safe with me. She’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Shelter animals are the most wonderful animals you could adopt. Unlike animals that come from a breeder, shelter animals run the risk of being put down if they are not adopted. Abused and abandoned animals are always looking for a new home. Adopting a shelter animal is saving an animal. Visit your local animal shelter when considering a new addition to your family. I guarantee you’ll find a new best friend just like I did.

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