How and how often should I bathe my pet?

In a busy life pet grooming may seem like a hassle but surprisingly it isn’t! Keep grooming brief by constructing a set schedule. While watching evening television shows is the perfect time to groom your pet. How much brushing, which combs to use, and actual baths all depend on the type of pet you have and hair length plays a key role in determining grooming schedules. Never use people shampoo and conditioner on your pets. Additionally, too many baths can strip the oils that protect skin and then the coat will lose shine. A general rules: avoid eyes, nose, and ears. Placing cotton balls will help keep water out of ears, and keep pet in warm area until 100% dry.

–              Dogs: Dog with longer hair and shed more require more brushing. Depending on the size of your dog baths could be a project, good thing most dog only need a bath every three months. If your dog is very outdoorsy they may require baths more often. Dogs require specific shampoo and conditioner for their skin and hair. Before the bath brush dog’s coat thoroughly.  Larger dogs could be bathed outside for convenience. Fill a bath with lukewarm water and carefully wet your pet. Start shampooing at head, making sure to get into all the folds and creases, then work back. Ears are a favorite place for fleas to hide so make sure to check inside and clean using a damp cloth. Rise your dog until the water runs clean from their fur. When drying off lay the towel over your dog’s back and rub them down.

–              Cats: Indoor cats will need less baths than outdoor cats. A bath once or twice a year should be sufficient for a cat. To start never bathe your cat if they are in a bad mood. It doesn’t end well … trust me.  Put your cat in a mellow mood by having a play session before baths. Brushing before baths will get any loose hair out and cats generally love being brushed. Use a hand held spray hose to get your cat wet. Gently lather up your cat in direction of hair growth. Once shampooing is done thoroughly rinse off all shampoo. Wipe off their face with a wash clothe gently. Carefully dry off your cat with a towel. If they don’t mind the noise or being blown with air you can blow dry them on the lowest setting.

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