Tips as follows:

  • Take your dogs out for walks but keep them indoors the rest of the time.
  • Keep outdoor cats inside no matter how much they meow to go out. They’re safer inside.
  • Long haired dogs like huskies fair a little better during the cold months.
  • Short haired dogs benefit from wearing a sweater. They’ll be the fashionista of the whole block!
  • Pets can get frost bite just like humans… If it’s cold to you, it is cold to them.
  • Even if the temperature is not very low the wind chill can get you!
  • If you have an outdoor pet make sure they have a shelter big enough for them to go into but small enough to keep their body heat in. It should also be raised off the ground slightly as well.
  • Being cold depletes more energy because our pet’s bodies work harder to stay warm. Make sure to give extra food during this season.
  • Make sure to wipe your pet’s paws or have them wear booties to protect from salt and chemicals on the ground. Check for those snow balls between the toes too!
  • Your dog needs its coat to stay warm so avoid shaving them down. If they have long hair a slight trim will help ice balls from clinging to them.
  • A dog’s foot pads and nose can become dry and cracked. Keeping your house humid will help prevent this from happening. Petroleum jelly helps protect feet from chemicals on the ground.
  • Pet safe salt exists, so you can pick it up at your local pet store.
  • The cold can worsen some medical issues. Talk to your vet if the cold weather worsens any of your pet’s medical issues and the steps to take in order to maintain their health.
  • For those interested in building a winter friendly dog hose, here’s a helpful site with more information.
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