How to Make Your Home Safe For Your Pet!

Having a pet join your family is an exciting time. However, keeping him or her safe can be stressful. Bayshore Vet clinic will like to help you and your pet live happier safer lives. Please read the 5 tips below to keep your pet safe!

#1. Try to set boundaries in your household. Although gates can be helpful, remember that larger dogs can easily knock them over. Keep the doors to your bathroom, office and any other room where you do not want your pet to wander, closed.

#2. Clean counters equals safer pets. Often we leave everyday things like dish soap to scented candles lying around, and often our beloved pets find them appetizing. By keeping your counters clean, you can prevent many health emergencies.

#3. Just like toddlers, our pets are a curious bunch. Therefore securing drawers, and cabinets is essential. Installing locks on any cabinet with potential poisons is important.

#4. Remember unlike us our pets perspective is much lower. So get on your hands and knees and look around. Keep an eye out for exposed electrical outlets that your pet can chew on.

#5. Keeping your pet busy will prevent him or her from getting into trouble in the first place. When your not home, make sure they have plenty of toys to play with and chew on. This doesn’t have to be expensive, anything from a cardboard box or dollar store chew toy will do!

Remember a safer home means a safer and happier pet!

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