How to Protect Your Pet from Heat Stroke

Summer is in full swing and we all love to be active outside with our pets. From a nice run to a couple of hours spent in the dog park, however these activities can turn ugly rather quickly if we are not careful. In this record setting heat, we have to be extra careful to take care of our furry friends.

Bayshore Veterinary Clinic is here to help prevent heat stroke in your pets so follow these four tips to keep your pet cool!

1. Stay inside during Midday. From 1pm till 5pm is when we typically have the hottest weather. Our pets don’t sweat instead they cool off by panting. It is best to keep your pets safe by limiting physical activity during these hours so they don’t over exert themselves.

2. Pets also get thirsty! In these hot days we are not the only ones who get thirsty. Just as it is important for us to be properly hydrated, it is also vital that our pets have plenty of water. If your pet stays is left alone while you are at work it is important he has plenty of cool water. Our veterinarian recommends freezing half a bowl of water and filling it up with cool water on top of it. As the ice melts away during the day, your pet will continue to have access to cool water during the day.

3. Never ever leave your pet in a car! On a sunny day your car can quickly turn into a hot box. Within minutes it can reach temperatures in the triple digits! You definitely would not want to be in there, so keep your pet safe by leaving him at home if you plan on running long errands!

4. Knowing the signs and catching Heat Stroke early is important! Sometimes no matter what we do our pets overexert themselves. If you see your pet is overheating, use a cool towel to wipe them down. Tremors, vomiting, staggering or seizures are all common signs of heat stroke. If you notice any of these please contact us at 414-964-7009 or your local vet immediately!

These are some of the ways we can keep our beloved animals safe in this heat.

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