Leash Pulling

Have you noticed when you take your dog for a walk that you’re being pulled by your pup? Leash pulling is a common problem among dog owners. Luckily, it can be an easy one to correct.

There are a couple different ways to work with your dog on correcting this behavior.

First, he needs to be taught that pulling isn’t going to get him to where he wants to go. You are in control. When Fido pulls, stop walking. We want to correct this negative behavior with a positive. When the leash goes slack, reward Fido with a “yes” or “good boy” and keep treats in your pocket on walks so that you can reward him for this behavior. Fido should be taught to walk comfortably with you, slack in the leash, as you walk to your destination.

A harness can be a very helpful tool for dogs learning appropriate walking behavior. Teddy models a nice harness in the photo above! A harness allows you for better control over Fido as he tries to pull you along. Harnesses also allow you to prevent Fido from jumping on anyone, and will not cause him to choke while tugging since the leash is not connected to the collar, but instead to the harness along his back.

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