My cat has a lot of hair balls. What’s normal?

Cat owners are all too familiar with the infamous sound of their cat hacking up a hairball. When cats go about their daily grooming routines they could inadvertently swallow loose hair. Hair collects in the stomach or small intestinal until vomited up as a hairball. Long-haired cats and those who shed a lot are more susceptible to hairballs. Hairball can be prevented from formatting in the stomach and intestines but could also indicate a health issue.

Brushing your cat will decrease amount of hair they swallow during grooming. Certain cat foods are specifically formulated to reduce hairballs. It improves skin and coast health reducing shedding and increasing the amount of fiber. Pet stores often supply hairball remedy to encourage passage of hair through intestinal tract. Your cat will mostly likely not eat it voluntarily. Mixing it with wet food is the best way to get your cat to eat the remedy. Frequent hairballs should be looked at by a vet. Frequent vomiting of hairballs may indicate gastrointestinal problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease or cancer. Take them to the vet for a checkup if frequent vomiting continues.

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