Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats at Bayshore Veterinary Clinic

One of the nice things about state-of-the-art medical techniques developed for human patients is that they can often prove just as useful for treating pets. Laser therapy is a perfect example. This advanced form of care can both relieve discomfort and facilitate healing without surgery or drugs. Here at Bayshore Veterinary Clinic, we’re proud to offer laser therapy for dogs and cats in Shorewood WI.

Surgical vs. Therapeutic Laser for Dogs and Cats

Don’t confuse laser therapy with laser surgery. Veterinarians use both medical techniques to help animals, but the techniques themselves are very different. A surgical laser creates a high-energy beam that vaporizes and cuts through tissue with great precision. A therapeutic or low-level laser for dogs and cats creates a beam of lower intensity, operating at* a frequency level that permits the beam to go right through the skin surface without even marking it.

Underneath the skin surface, the laser energy has a remarkable effect on cells, stimulating cell components to produce more of an essential repair “fuel” called ATP. Armed with this extra supply of ATP, the cells can restore damaged tissue much more quickly and effectively than they otherwise could.

But the benefits of laser treatment for dogs and cats don’t end there. The beam also has a stimulating effect on blood flow, enhancing circulation and drainage in the tissues being treated. This effect relieves pain, swelling, and inflammation in both acute and chronic conditions. Laser therapy’s analgesic properties make it an especially smart choice for many pets who cannot tolerate pharmaceutical painkillers for whatever reason.

Conditions Treated and a Typical Session

Laser treatment for dogs and cats can prove helpful for a wide range of conditions. We may recommend this technique for the treatment of acute sprains and strains, injury or post-operative recuperation, hip dysplasia, arthritis pain and stiffness, neuropathy (nerve pain), degenerative disc disease, ear infections, gingivitis, and skin problems.

While your pet may need several sessions to get the most of the treatment, a typical treatment session takes only a few minutes and requires no special preparation. Your pet won’t feel any discomfort from the procedure — on the contrary, he will probably find it highly soothing and relaxing. Best of all, these treatments can help pets control chronic pain, regain long-lost mobility, and generally enjoy a higher quality of life.

Find Our Whether Laser Therapy Can Help Your Pet

Is laser therapy the right answer to your pet’s problems? There’s only one way to find out. Call Bayshore Veterinary Clinic at 414-964-7009 to schedule an appointment with our skilled, caring veterinary experts!