Star’s Story

Now that you’ve had the chance to hear about Star, you’re probably wondering how he ended up as our new clinic kitty. Star was a stray before he ended up here at Bayshore Vet. After being rescued by one of our clients, she took great care of him and set him up for success by finding him a new home. Star was brought to us in preparation of his new home where we neutered him, took care of some old wounds, trimmed his nails and got him all up to date on his vaccines. After his recovery he was set to go home with his new family. Sadly, a few days went by with no one ever coming to pick him up. We kept him around making sure to take good care of him, unsure of what to do next. It didn’t take long for Star to wrap his cute little paws around our hearts. We were all fond of the little guy and knew he had to stay!

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