Where did Chuck come from?

I was tempted to start this one as my co-worker, Dani, suggested by saying “Chuck’s mommy and daddy really loved each other, so one night…”, but decided not to…LOL! No seriously though, most of you have met our clinic cat Chuck. (You know, the orange cat who keeps the credit card machines from floating to the ceiling! ha… )

Chuck is surprisingly tight-lipped about his story. Now when he wants his food or cold water, he gets pretty loud and obnoxious about it. I went and checked out his file, and the first page of his file says he is from Waukesha. This makes sense, since the owner before Dr.Singh was from Waukesha. It also says that when Chuck was first brought to Bayshore Vet, he was a 1 year old. He was also neutered and declawed when he arrived. This leads me to my grand assumption about where he came from.

Someone in Waukesha brought him to a vet for a neuter and declaw procedure. For one reason or another, they just left him there. The previous owner had at least one clinic cat already, while Bayshore Vet had none, so he brought Chuck to Shorewood for us to enjoy!

Nowadays, Chuck literally has his own fan club. There are people who walk by our clinic’s windows, see Chuck, and come in to meet him.

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