Why are vaccinations so important!

Did you recently add a nice furry addition to your family? Is your new pet up to date on his or her shots? Vaccinations are not just for humans, our pets need them too! Bayshore Veterinary Clinic is here to make sure that your pets are as safe as they can be. Below are a few common questions regarding vaccinations.

How do vaccinations work?

A vaccination shot contains a weakened or dead bacterial or viral strain. Giving our pets a little exposure to this minute amount of bacteria or virus helps their immune system make antibodies against it. Therefore when our beloved pets do get an actual exposure to that bacteria or virus their immune system is primed and ready to fight off the infection before it can do any harm.

Are vaccinations safe?

Absolutely! Our doctors would not believe in using any medical practices that were detrimental to your pet’s health. Years of research was done prior to vaccinations being produced and is still being done today to make them even more effective. Many owners have heard of stories of pets getting allergic reactions to vaccines and that makes them think the vaccine is not safe. However, this risk for an allergic reaction is very low! In fact, your pet is more likely to be exposed to a bacteria or virus and get ill than develop a reaction to a vaccine. This is why vaccinating your pets is vital to keeping your beloved pet safe!

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