Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

Every year over 10 million dogs and cats are separated from their beloved owners. The American Humane Society concluded after extensive research that one out of every three pets are lost at some point in their life time. This is why Microchipping your pets keeps them safe and maintains your peace of mind.

Microchipping Helps Bring Lost Pets Home

We have all been there when a cat darts out the front door or when a dog doesn’t immediately return when called. Our hearts race and palms get sweaty, instant fear of the worst runs through our heads. As pet owners, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to imagine life without our favorite companions. The stats show that only 22% of the lost dogs that get turned into shelters get reunited with their owners and with cats the number drops drastically to a mean 2%. Thankfully, with microchips, the chances of being reunited with a missing pet are dramatically increased.

Here are three reasons why Bayshore Veterinary Clinic recommends microchipping your pet:

Microchips are safe.
A microchip is a tiny chip, approximately the size of a rice grain, which is implanted between a pet’s shoulders. Each chip is coded with a unique serial number. If a pet is lost, an animal shelter or veterinarian can read the chip’s serial number. This code is then matched to your contact information using a secure database. Only a vet or animal shelter can access this database, so your personal information remains safe.
Microchips are effective.
Without a microchip, the chance of being reunited with a lost pet is extremely low. Thanks to a microchip, however, owners can proactively work to bring their lost pet home. With a microchip, pet owners can issue a “lost pet alert” using their online account; in just minutes, this alert will notify all pet owners within a 25-mile radius of where the pet was last seen. That’s a lot more effective than posting ‘lost pet’ flyers!
Microchip information can be instantly updated.
With microchips, pet owners do not need to make new identification tags every time they move or change phone numbers. It takes just minutes to update contact information online.
If your pet went missing, what would you do?

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